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Queenstown Travel page preview

Queenstown Travel Landing page

The Queenstown Travel page is a Vanilla JavaScript app. It is a simple and chic landing page that displays information about the beautiful town Queenstown which is located in New Zealand.

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Weather App- React

This React Weather app was created using the knowledge I acquired while completing the SheCodes React workshop.The Weather app makes use of API to display the current temperature and forecast the temperature for the next 6 days.

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Weather App-React preview
Dictionary App preview

Dictionary App

The Dictionary App was created using the knowledge I acquired while completing the SheCode React Addon workshop. The Dictionary app make use of two Api's The first one returns the meaning of the words that are searched. The second one returns images that relate to the word that is currently being searched. These two Api's helped me create this neat and simple Dictionary app.

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Salah Time App preview

Salah Time App

The Salah Time App is a personal project that was created after my exciting introduction to API. The Salah(Prayer) Time App displays the daily islamic prayers based on the users current location using an API. The inspiration behind this app was sparked after my mother had trouble operating the usual prayer time app that we use due to frequent technical issues. This simple app has become a convenient addition to my family's daily life.

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